Timeless Collections, Artistic Accessories


GŌBLE accessories are created with integrity for women who desire exclusivity, versatility, quality and distinction as well as protective functions. The collection encompasses stylish accessories for work life and many social occasions including fine dining, gallery openings as well as outdoor activities such as skiing and après ski. 

GŌBLE Accessories are authentic labours of love and art inspired by the creative collaboration of mind, heart and hands. One by one, various threads, knitting yarns and touches of fur, have found their way into GŌBLE artistry. At first they are beautiful in texture and colour and when woven or knitted together by hand, they become contemporary, timeless and collectible accessories intended for caressing the skin with their softness, and with style, they adorn and comfort the body of a woman.


Headed by Cindy Goble, an established artistic designer who has been knitting, weaving and marketing accessories under her name, for the past five years, GŌBLE is officially launching with a daring and irresistible Spring 2016 timeless collection. The company is committed to its mission to remain true to creativity and superior quality of all its products. Every GŌBLE accessory emerges from the combination of refined craftsmanship, strategic distribution and rigorous financial planning.    

Thought, style and artistry are put into every GŌBLE accessory which is knitted or woven with innovative yarns. Cindy Goble who is very passionate about GŌBLE accessories confirms that standards are in place to deliver excellence: “We have a strong belief in tradition, craftsmanship, and quality.”